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People: Jared Is ‘Violently Protective’ of Family Time

With two little boys at home, Jared Padalecki wants to spend as much quality time with them as he can.

After Supernatural I hope to kind of back off from the business and work more sporadically and be a father and be a basketball coach for my kids, maybe get into producing or something,” Padalecki, 32, told reporters at the CW TCA in Beverly Hills on Friday. For now, the actor says there is no balance, but he makes sure he has dedicated family time for his sons, Thomas Colton, 2½, and Shepherd, 7 months.

I am violently protective of my — I call it my off-time — when I’m not working. I’m straight home and whether they’re in Vancouver or they’re in Seattle or wherever we happen to be I’m straight to them,” Padalecki explains.

The other night I worked from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. in Vancouver and got an overnight flight to Houston. It got me home at 8 a.m. and, you know what, I was there with my kids and I took a nap when they napped,” Padalecki says. “I do it whenever I can. Whenever I have the time to do it, I do it. But, simply put, there is no balance yet, but that’s okay.”

When the father of two isn’t home, his boys can still see their dad on TV thanks to his wife, Genevieve.

“You know what’s funny? My wife will put [Supernatural] on — and they’re too young to know what’s going on — but she’ll put it on when either I’m at work or I’m out of town so they can see their dad and they’ll say, ‘Daddy.’

As for the cute moments that Padalecki really enjoys?

Tom is my 2½-year-old and he’s a fully-functioning human being right now,” Padalecki jokes with a smile. “The milestones that I laugh at are when they start mimicking what Daddy says and Mommy — in a friendly way — [that] reminds Daddy that he has to use his children words.

And then little Shep just started to scoot, so Shep is 7 [months] and he just started to crawl. He also started … to [accept] me as part of his life. Usually, he was like, ‘What do you want?’ ‘I want Mommy.’ Now Shep smiles when he sees me.” Padalecki admits that he hopes his boys will have the same brotherly bond he shares with his older brother.

I am a younger brother and I love him and we were best men in each other’s weddings. [I] want them to be there for each other.”


Zap2It: Supernatural S10 scoop – Jared spills about Sam’s hunt for Demon Dean

If you weren’t a fan of how toxic Sam and Dean’s relationship was in Season 9, prepare to be extremely satisfied with Season 10 of “Supernatural.” According to Jared Padalecki, even though Dean’s going to find himself dealing with life as a demon, Sam’s commitment to finding and helping his brother won’t waver like it has in the past.

Padalecki sat down with Zap2it during the 2014 Summer TV Press Tour to dish on all things “Supernatural” in advance of the Season 10 premiere this fall. Check out our full Q&A with Sam Winchester himself below:

Zap2it: Where do we find Sam at the beginning of Season 10?
Jared Padalecki: With his head up his a**. [laughs] No. When Sam went down to summon Crowley to get his brother back at the end of Season 9, he returned to Dean’s room to find his brother gone. Since Sam didn’t get a chance to see the episode, he didn’t know that Crowley was in there or that Dean woke up a demon. So Sam starts out not having any idea that his brother is a demon. True to the Winchester form, he’s going to go through hell and high water to try to get his brother back, wherever his brother is. He doesn’t know if he’s been taken, or vanished, but he has his suspicions. Sam starts out with the same commitment to bring his brother back that he ended with in Season 9, when he was telling Dean, “Stay with me, I’m not going to let you go, I’ve got you. We’ll make it through this.” Obviously, he didn’t, but he’s still going to try and keep his promise.

That’s good to hear! I love it when Sam is committed to helping Dean. But we’ve seen Sam try to find/save his brother before in seasons past, so how will his journey be different in Season 10?
I feel like Sam finally knows and has accepted a lot of the things he’s fought for years and years, i.e. his destiny, that Sam and Dean have both done things that maybe weren’t completely forthright like when Sam was on demon blood or when Dean let Sam get possessed by an angel. I think Sam has made his peace with it and he realizes all those choices were all made with good intentions. So now we have Sam who just loves his brother and wants his brother to get well and be better. That’s how this season will be different.

After a whole season of tolerating each other in a toxic relationship, Sam and Dean finally got to a good place at the end of the Season 9 finale. When Sam and Dean finally do reunite, will those good feelings carry over or will seeing Dean as a demon bring it all back to square one for Sam?
I think seeing his brother as a demon will actually stiffen his resolve. He knows that it wasn’t his brother’s choice. When Sam does find out — and he does find out, though he won’t know how it happened, he’ll just know that Dean is a demon — he doesn’t think it’s Dean’s fault. He doesn’t know if it’s the Mark of Cain, or Crowley, or something else entirely but when he sees what’s happened with his brother, he feels as if someone has wronged his brother and it steels his resolve to fix things. Continue reading

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Hip Daddy Spotlight: Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki

Hip Daddy Spotlight: Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki

Tell us about your kids, what’s it like being a father?
I’ve got two sons: Thomas Colton, who turned 2 on March 19th, and Austin Shepherd ‘Shep’ who was born on December 22nd. I truly love being their daddy.

Thomas is a bit of a ham (go figure, both of his parents are actors!) He loves being the center of attention and he brings a lot of joy to everybody around him. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that we are so mobile as a family: we work in Vancouver for the better part of 9 months a year, live in Austin, and regularly travel to Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sun Valley and San Antonio to visit friends and family. So, in essence, every time we get to a new place, the people we are visiting are ecstatic to see him because they probably haven’t in a while! So, he’s gotten used to being greeted with excitement and love wherever he goes. That, and I think it’s in his natural disposition to be happy

Shep is still pretty much a baby, obviously. He likes eating, pooping, and sleeping. However, his FAVORITE thing is to play this game where he will wait for mommy and daddy to go to bed so that he can start crying… kidding ;). Honestly though, he’s also a great kid. He seems a touch more reserved than I remember Tom being at the same age, and has a “wisdom” in his eyes. He’s recently started cooing and smiling and it’s been exciting for me to re-experience this phase of fatherhood.

Talk to us about your parenting style?
I’m a pretty laid back parent. I don’t like to hover or “helicopter parent” around my boys. I enjoy letting them play and watching them explore. Granted, I’m not going to let them play in traffic, but feel like it’s part of growing up to fall down and get dirty and “meet” new people and learn by trying. I try to intervene only if I feel they are in actual danger, or feel they are displaying bad behavior (i.e. saying “no” to adults, throwing food across the restaurant, hitting, etc.). They’re both still a bit young to grasp the importance of learning certain life lessons, but I also try to be firm and set some sort of “guidelines”.

Favorite piece of clothing you wear with them or favorite piece of clothing you dress them in?
Both of my sons have been big eaters as babies. As most parents know, there’s only so much a baby can eat before their stomach gets upset. SO, and there’s not really a delicate way to put this, they both liked to spit-up. That being the case, I quickly learned to rock the undershirt, because it was VERY likely that I was going to have to take off my outer shirt at some point in time during a day’s activities. I also have a blue P-coat by Loro Piano that is water-resistant (ergo, relatively milk and food proof) and has lots of pockets (for soothers, toys, diapers, wipes, etc.). In other words, the jacket serves as my damage-proof “murse”.

You can read’s entire interview with Jared Here.

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